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Package List

This area contains a description of each application in the repository.

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Package Name Package Description Project Homepage
adoptopenjdk Prebuilt OpenJDK binaries
alacritty Cross-platform OpenGL terminal emulator
albert A fast and flexible keyboard launcher
ali Generate HTTP load and plot the results in real-time
amazon-corretto No-cost, multiplatform, production-ready distribution of the Java Development Kit.
amiberry Optimized Amiga emulator for the Raspberry Pi and other ARM boards
appimagelauncher Helper application for running and integrating AppImages
archivebox Open-source self hosted web archiving.
balena-etcher-electron Flash OS images to SD card and USB drives safely and easily.
bat a cat clone with wings.
bleachbit Clean your system and free disk space.
blockbench Free modern model editor for low-poly and boxy models with pixel art textures.
bashtop Linux command-line resource manager.
blockpi visual programming editor for Raspberry Pi
box64 Linux Userspace x86_64 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM64 Linux devices
box86 Linux Userspace x86 emulator with a twist.
bpytop Linux resource monitor written in Python.
browsh Fully-modern text-based web browser
bulky Bulk Renamer
caddy Fast multi-platform web server with https
cbonsai grow bonsai trees in your terminal
cfetch simple system information tool for linux.
cherrytree Feature rich note-taking application
chromium-browser RPF's hardware-accelerated Chromium Browser.
clamtk ondemand virus scanner for Linux
clementine modern music player and library organizer for Linux
cloudflared Argo Tunnel client
code-server VS Code in the browser
codium binary releases of VSCode without telemetry and tracking
foliate modern GTK ebook reader
conky-manager manage all your Conky theme
croc easily and securely send things from one computer to another
deskreen turn any device with a web browser into a second screen
dino modern gtk-based XMPP client
docker-ctop top-like interface for container metrics
drawing simple image editor for Linux
duckstation PlayStation 1 emulator
duf Disk usage monitoring utility
elasticsearch free and open search engine
electron-fiddle Create and play with Electron experiments
fancy-cursor-themes Some extra cursor themes for Linux distributions
figma-linux interface design tool based in the browser
firefox (currently broken) popular open-source web browser backed by Mozilla
flameshot Powerful yet simple screenshot software
fonts-noto-color-emoji color emoji font none
fonts-twemoji-svginot emoji font none
freecad-buster free and open source parametric modeler (debian buster version)
freetube Private YouTube client
fzf command-line fuzzy finder
gh GitHub's official command line tool
gitea Painless self-hosted Git solution
glab open-source GitLab command-line tool
glmark2 openGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark tool
goreleaser Deliver Go binaries as fast as possible
hyper a terminal built on web technologies.
hypnotix an M3U IPTV player
influxdb Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics
v2raya A Linux web GUI client of Project V which supports V2Ray, Xray, SS, SSR, Trojan and Pingtunnel
ipscan fast and friendly network scanner
ish A simple shell written in C
kdiskmark simple disk benchmarking tool
keepassx cross-platform password safe
koreader Ebook reader application supporting many different ebook formats
libhalf-life runtime files and desktop entry for running half-life on a raspberry pi. needs full data files to run
lightpad Lightweight, simple, and powerful application launcher.
linuxcnc-uspace LinuxCNC controls CNC machines. It can drive milling machines, lathes, 3d printers, laser cutters, plasma cutters, robot arms, hexapods, and more.
log2ram put log in a ram folder
logo-ls modern ls command alternative written in Go
lutris Game launcher: desktop client
lx-music-desktop Music player made with Electron
macintosh.js Virtual macintosh running System 8 in electron
makedeb modern packaging tool for Debian archives
min Fast, minimal, and private web browser
minikube Run Kubernetes locally
msopenjdk-16 Microsoft's build of OpenJDK
musikcube a cross-platform, terminal-based music player, audio engine, metadata indexer, and server in c++
n Node version management
nomacs Free image viewer
notepanda A simple cross-platform notepad.
notion-app an enhancer/customiser for the all-in-one productivity workspace (app)
onedriver native Linux filesystem for Microsoft OneDrive
opencv open-source computer vision library
openrazer Collection of Linux drivers for Razer devices
openresty High Performance Web Platform Based on Nginx and LuaJIT
panther-launcher fork of Slingshot Launcher, simple program launcher
papirus-icon-theme Free and open-source icon theme
pbgopy Copy and paste between devices
persepolis Download Manager with a GUI for aria2
piserver Raspberry pi Server Wizard for serving a Raspbian instance to network-booting pies
planet-launcher An extended launcher for Minecraft-Pi-Reborn
prusa-slicer gcode generator for 3d printers
python3-halo-weather Weather app for Linux desktops
qemu open-source machine virtualizer and emulator
qt5-opengl-dev qt5 with desktop opengl on a raspberry pi
qt5-opengl-qtcreator qt creator with opengl support
qv2ray Cross-platform V2Ray client using Qt framework.
razergenie GUI for configuring your razer devices
rclone rsync for cloud storage
remarkable Cross-platform markdown editor
rpi-imager Raspberry Pi imaging utility
shellcheck static analytics tool for shell scripts
simplenote Official Simplenote desktop app
softethervpn cross-platform multi-protocol vpn
sonic-pi A new kind of musical instrument
source-han-serif-* Source Han Serif is a set of OpenType/CFF Pan-CJK fonts.
stacer Linux System optimizer and monitor
stackedit-nativefier stackedit nativefier webapp
sticky a sticky notes app for the linux desktop
stl-thumb thumbnail generator for stl files
stl-thumb-kde thumbnail generator for stl files (kde version)
swiftlang The Swift programming language
syncthing open-source continuous file synchronization
sysbench Scriptable system benchmark tool
sysmontask Linux system monitor inspired by Windows Task Manager
tabby-terminal A terminal for a more modern age
teams-for-linux Unofficial Linux client for Microsoft Teams
thelounge self-hosted web irc client
theme-sh A script which lets you set your terminal theme
thunar-sendto-clamtk thunar-sendto-clamtk is a simple plugin to allow a right-click, context menu scan of files or folders in Thunar, XFCE's file manager.
tic-80 free and open-source fantasy computer
timeshift System restore tool for Linux
tldr-py python client for tldr-py
touche Desktop application to configure Touchegg
tt Terminal-based typing test
turbowarp-desktop TurboWarp as a desktop app
tut TUI for Mastodon with vim inspired keys
ulauncher Linux application launcher
ungoogled-chromium google chromium, sans integration with Google
usbimager simple GUI app for writing images to drives
usermin A web-based interface for webmail, password changing, mail filters, fetchmail and much more.
vkmark Vulkan benchmark utility
warpinator Share files across the LAN
web-renderer qt-based minimal web renderer
webcord Privacy-focused Discord web client
webapp-manager Run websites as if they were apps.
webmin Powerful and flexible web-based system monitoring solution
webtorrent-desktop web torrent streaming client
whatsappweb-nativefier whatsapp with nativefier
wifi-ap-sta start and stop a wifi access point
windows95 Windows 95 in Electron
worldpainter interactive map generator for Minecraft.
xcaddy build Caddy with plugins
xemu Xbox emulator
xournalpp Handwriting notetaking application software with PDF annotation support.
xpenguins Animate penguins in your desktop window
xsnow Let it snow on your desktop
xtensa-esp32-elf esp32/esp32s2 gcc cross-compiler for 64-bit raspberry
yesplaymusic Third-party cloud music player
tetris-cli classic tetris for the terminal
caprine unofficial and privacy focused Facebook Messenger app with many useful features.
hyperfine A command-line benchmarking tool
howdy Facial recognition for Linux
transfer Transfer tool with multiple APIs
croc Easily and securely send things from one computer to another
update Easy to use CLI package updater tool
aria2-pro-core Aria2 static binaries for GNU/Linux with some powerful feature patches.
nali An offline tool for querying IP geographic information and CDN providers.
lazygit simple terminal UI for git commands
antimicrox Graphical program used to map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad. Useful for playing games with no gamepad support.
simple-motd Pretty up your terminal window with ascii art and informational snippets about your system.
brainf A brainfuck interpreter written in C.
ghbackup Super simple GitHub backup tool
zerotier-one A smart ethernet switch for Earth
keepassxc a modern, secure, and open-source password manager that stores and manages your most sensitive information.
bbdown Bilibili Downloader.
web-greeter A modern, visually appealing greeter for LightDM.
polychromatic RGB lighting management software for GNU/Linux. Powered by OpenRazer
razercommander GTK contol center for managing razer peripherals on Linux
temurin-17-hotspot OpenJDK Hotspot 17
temps a modern and minimal menubar application based on Electron with actual weather information and forecast
7-zip a file archiver with a high compression ratio (run with 7zz)
waydroid a container-based approach to boot a full Android system on a regular GNU/Linux system like Ubuntu
raspotify Spotify Connect client for the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™
lovspotify Spotify GUI + Spotify Client for Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and Debian
aliyundrive-webdav WebDAV service support for Aliyun drive
mkchromecast Cast macOS and Linux Audio/Video to your Google Cast and Sonos Devices
wallpaper-collection awesome collection of desktop wallpapers
chinesechess Cross-platform and online battle platform game based on Qt: Chinese Chess
toybox all-in-one Linux command line
dotnet-sdk-6.0 a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications
fonts-* Font files available from Google Fonts
aliyunpan Aliyun drive third-party client
ariang-native GUI client for aria2 with many features
ckb-next Open-source driver for Corsair keyboards and mice.
veracrypt Disk encryption with strong security based on TrueCrypt
arduino-cli Arduino command line tool
listen1 one for all free music in china
openrgb open-source rg lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software
ao Elegant Microsoft To-Do desktop app
tusk Refined Evernote desktop app
switchhosts Switch hosts quickly!
spocon Spotify GUI + Spotify Client for Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and Debian
capitaine-cursor-theme An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze
nordzy-cursor-theme Cursor theme using the Nord color palette and based on Vimix and cz-Viator.
nordzy-icon-theme Nordzy is a free and open source icon theme for Linux desktops using the Nord color palette from Arctic Ice Studio and based on WhiteSur and Numix Icon Theme.
whatscli A command line interface for WhatsApp
xmake A cross-platform build utility based on Lua
debreate A utility for creating Debian packages.
pacman Play Pac-Man in a neat GUI interface, and controller support.
vivaldi-stable A browser with lots of clever features built in, but also very flexible and private.
unsplash-wallpapers A cross-platform desktop application to set wallpapers from Unsplash built with Electron, React, and Redux
stuntrally Stunt Rally is a racing game with rally style of driving.
solaar Linux device manager for Logitech devices
obs-studio Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording
rpiplay RPi-Play provides an airplay server for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.
firetools Firejail GUI
firejail Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf sandbox
gtk2-engines-oxygen Oxygen widget theme for GTK+-based applications
mozplugger A Mozilla & Firefox multimedia plugin.
palemoon Open Source, Goanna-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with contributed other operating system support), focusing on efficiency and customization.
starship The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell!
markdownexplorer Easily explore, view and edit markdown documentation of a file tree
nft-stats Get the nftables counters easier to read
myst official implementation of distributed VPN network (dVPN) protocol
cutefish-core System components and backend for Cutefish
cutefish-dock Desktop Taskbar for Cutefish
cutefish-filemanager File manager for Cutefish
cutefish-kwin-plugins Some configurations and plugins of KWin for Cutefish
cutefish-launcher Application launcher for Cutefish
cutefish-qt-plugins Qt platform theme plugin, unified style, for Cutefish
cutefish-settings System settings for Cutefish
cutefish-statusbar Top status bar for Cutefish
cutefish-wallpapers System wallpapers for Cutefish
fishui Cutefish GUI library, based on QTQuick
libcutefish System library for Cutefish
cutefish-icons System default icon theme for Cutefish
ossutil A user friendly command line tool to access AliCloud OSS
ipsw iOS/macOS Research Swiss Army Knife
minio High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage
mcli A replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems and object storage
aliyun-cli A tool to manage and use Alibaba Cloud resources through a command line interface
g Golang Version Manager
snapdrop A Progressive Web App for local file sharing
aliyundrive-fuse FUSE for AliyunDrive
ferdi A desktop app that helps you organize how you use your favourite apps by combining them into one application
yank.note A hackable markdown note application for programmers
termux-apt-repo Script to create Termux package repos
system-monitoring-center GTK and Python based system performance and usage monitoring tool
apt-fast A shellscript wrapper for apt that speeds up downloading of packages.
moonlight-qt GameStream client for PCs
ducopanel Universal tool for DuinoCoin
vmware-horizon-client VMware Horizon Client allows your end users to connect to their VMware Horizon View VM from a device of choice.
beekeeper-studio Modern and easy to use SQL client for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server, and more.
pibright Brightness manager for Raspberry Pi
tea A command line tool to interact with Gitea servers
armcord a custom client designed to enhance your Discord experience while keeping everything lightweight.
retroarch Cross-platform, sophisticated frontend for the libretro API.
kopia Cross-platform backup tool with fast, incremental backups, client-side end-to-end encryption, compression and data deduplication.
kopia-ui Cross-platform backup tool with fast, incremental backups, client-side end-to-end encryption, compression and data deduplication.
github-desktop Open-source Electron-based GitHub desktop client