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To install the repository, make sure you have an Internet connection. Install Python with sudo apt install -y python3, then run the following command:

python3 <(curl -fSsL

The install script will ask you which mirror you would like to use. Pick the mirror that's closest to you for the most reliable speeds. Mirror syncs happen every 24 hours.

Mirror uptime can be viewed on the status page.

Alternative installation methods First, install extrepo.
sudo apt install -y extrepo
Then, enable the Raspbian Addons repository.
extrepo enable raspbian-addons
Uninstalling the repository To uninstall, execute this command.
bash <(curl -fSsL
If you installed the repository using extrepo, skip the step above and simply run the following:
extrepo disable raspbian-addons
Please note that uninstalling the repository will not remove any of the software installed using it.

The GPG key fingerprint is 232E 6F29 77AB D48E 5A9F AD03 9ACB 4E70 D84B FD24.

HTTPS Connections

The repository is also available in https, only if you have the apt-transport-https package installed.